Thursday, May 12, 2016

New Logos: Real Estate Edition

Many moons ago I was an Art teacher and a Language Arts teacher, while teaching Language Arts at Ernest E. Just Middle School and the logos below were done for one of my former students and their brokerage.

Bianca, the Busy Bee of real estate came to me looking for help with her branding. She found examples that she liked of logos that were similar, and they I played around with what seemed like hundreds of fonts before this was settled upon. The tiniest details make all the difference with dealing with typography.  The bee was an added touch to polish it off. 

BML Property Management wanted a logo that looked professional rather than like a material design icon. Because they deal in commercial and residential properties they wanted something that represented both. They were married on the Times Roman font family, so I added the Gotham in the identifier to create a smooth transition into the modern feel of the housing design. 

This is logo is a redraw of the original logo they already had created however they needed and vector file and they were not given one. Lesson of the Day: ALWAYS make sure you ask for your logos to be packaged with a source file. This is will save you a lot of time and money. 

Here is another real estate logo that I recreated and streamlined to give it a more updated look for another brokerage. I also updated the fonts for a more aesthetic appeal. 

Every broken needs a good appraiser.  I created this logo for a company in Washington, DC that appraises commercial and residential properties. Keeping with the factory theme he wanted something that encompassed machinery, like a well oiled wheel...because he "cranks"them out like clockwork and always on time. 

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