Thursday, May 12, 2016

New Logos

Working with small businesses is one of my passions... I love to help people attain their dreams. Rather than trying to recap all the logos I have I done I will showcase a few and talk about my design process in establishing a brand identity. 

Designing this logo was a fairly easy project to complete. You Got Juiced is a Cold Pressed Juice company based in Maryland.  She wanted her identity to fresh and modern and wanted it to incorporate a splash...because of course we are talking about juicing company. What would be a better representation? We went with the color green because most of her juices are kale based. 

Bria Hill is a up and coming hand bag designer. She is new to the concept of branding but she wanted her logo to incorporate her two favorite colors blue and green. Her original company name and idea for the logo was nothing like what you see above.  Trusting in your designer to help you create the best identity for your brand is essential. When you are thinking of concepts make sure you decide on something that is timeless and will grow with your brand. I convinced her that she wanted a sleek and modern logo with classic appeal, I love this design. 

I really had fun creating this logo. The designer wanted it have a French feel. Art and romance are my first thoughts when thinking of France. A female designer, designing female definitely want something that is oozes femininity.  The bust symbolizes timeless classic and the flowers...what woman doesn't love flowers, which is also a play on her last name. She wanted to make sure that the logo incorporated her and her brand collectively. 

Capital Colors is a painting company contracted in the Washington, DC area.  Because Washington, DC is the nations capital this was a no brainer.  We incorporated the font and the paint brush as an added touch. 

Family F1st is a nonprofit organization that operating out of California, that was created based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, The idea behind the logo was an emphasis on family...and family being the people that are there to help you when you need it. The silhouette of the man and child is representative of a vision that the founder had when he first came up with the idea for the organization. 

Jeptcore Solutions is a IT Consulting firm.  The concept behind this design was something modern, fresh, and aerodynamic. 


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